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German Courses

No matter your language level or background, our German courses are for everyone. In small classes, you can learn according to your own needs and goals.

Our specialty are courses for Chinese native speakers who would like to learn German. In these courses, the basic level A1/A2 features explanations in Chinese, so that the students have a solid understanding of elementary grammar and vocabulary. On higher levels, the course language is German. Please be aware of the different class languages when booking a course.

Business German

Business communication differs greatly from everyday communication. Our Business German courses are aimed at experienced learners at level B1/B2 who want to prepare themselves for everyday working life. After completing the course, you will be able to write professional business letters or e-mails, lead conferences, and pass on reports to colleagues and superiors. Etiquette and intercultural skills are as much a part of the course as vocabulary and grammar.

If you would like to learn vocabulary for a specific field such as medicine or law, please contact us before the course begins so that we can design the lessons accordingly.

Prerequisites: GER German level B1, documented through an appropriate language certificates, or a placement test.

Course Size: 5-10 students

Course Form: In-Person Class (During the lockdown this course takes place online!)

Certificate: You will receive a graded certificate from the FSI language school after passing the final exam. Without taking the final exam, you will receive a certificate of attendance if you were present for at least 70of the lessons. In addition, you can register for the telc examination to get a language certificate from an independent and internationally renowned institution.

Course Summary
Course form
Class language
10 Weeks
3 Days/Week
In-Person Course / Online Course
860 €
German, Chinese
Courses in 2021
Course 1 October 4 - December 10, 2021